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HomeSmart use a range of products to ensure that the roof we restore or paint results in a long-lasting solution. The products in our range are specifically formulated for southern hemisphere conditions and conditions with high UV exposure and large temperature ranges. Our primers and flexible pointing create in a lasting and penetrating waterproof membrane that presents the best possible coating for the painted surface and our top coat products create an impermeable and reflective membrane to protect the coating and the entire roof.

We offer a no-hassle 12 year workmanship and product guarantee.

Roof Paint
roof membrane

ROOFBOND Roof Coating

Roofbond Roof Membrane is an Ultra Premium quality 100% acrylic coating ideally suited to withstand the harsh weather conditions typically experienced in the southern hemisphere.
Roofbond Roof Membrane will coat and protect all roof substrates from the extreme heat and storms of a northern summer to the freezing cold of a southern winter.

Primer / Sealer
roof preparation sealer

Shieldseal W Plus

Shieldseal W Plus is an acrylic based primer specifically designed to penetrate and prime fibro and metal (either factory painted or plain zinc) roofs. Shieldseal W Plus is used in preparation for Roofbond Roof Membranes to follow.

roof rust shield


Rustshield AL is a solvent based acrylic. Rustshield AL is a 3 in 1 protective roof coating designed to prime, seal and produce a silver aluminium finish with the added bonus of a rust inhibitor.

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ROOFBOND FillaBond High Build Filler

Shieldcoat’s FILLABOND is a pure acrylic high build filler that is designed for porous concrete tiles and asbestos roofs. The purpose of FILLABOND is to hide the weathered areas of your roof and make it look all the same.

roof primer


Shieldseal CT401 is Shieldcoat’s new premium primer/sealer for cement tile roofs.

  • Shieldseal CT401 is an evolution of the Shieldseal W formula.
  • Shieldseal CT401 incorporates Shieldcoat’s new fade resistant technology.
  • Shieldseal CT401 incorporates wet adhesion promoters and fine particle size allowing greater penetration into the surface of the tile.

Clear Top Coats
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SHIELDCOAT NanoProtect SC-96

NanoProtect is Shieldcoat’s revolutionary ultra premium clear protective top coat for all roof types and exterior walls. NanoProtect stops paint fading, a common problem when using dark colours on roofs and exterior walls due to the extreme heat and UV we see in Australia.

A final coat of Nanoprotect applied over roof and walls paints provides superior UV and fade resistance, while it’s harder, denser film greatly enhances the system durability and protects from dirt and pollution.

The standard finish is Gloss, however Semi-Gloss and Low Sheen are also available.

Flexible Pointing
roof pointing flexible

ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing

Roofbond Flexible Pointing is the most user friendly product available.

  • Roofbond Flexible Pointing gives a smooth, fine finish with superior adhesion, flexibility and durability.
  • Roofbond Flexible Pointing is available in 17 standard colours.
  • Custom colours are also available on request.

Heat Reflective
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Thermobond HRC is an Ultra Premium water based 100% acrylic high build, high solids, highly reflective roof coating. Thermobond HRC does not allow the passage of heat from the sun to reach the substrate thus significantly reducing interior temperatures.

It is ideally suited to withstand the harsh weather conditions typically experienced in the southern hemisphere. Thermobond HRC will coat and protect all roof substrates from the extreme heat and storms of a northern summer, to the freezing cold of a southern winter. Thermobond HRC will beautify and protect your most valuable asset for many years to come.

Thermobond has been engineered to significantly reduce the accumulation of dirt and protect from the chemical attack associated with pollution.

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