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There are many types of roofs in New Zealand. While some types are better equipped to handle the harsh UV and weather conditions that they are exposed to, each roof type requires maintenance from time to time. Neglecting to maintain your roof can lead to problems elsewhere, in roof trusses, walls, ceilings and even in the foundations of your home.
At HomeSmart Roofing we have expert knowledge of most roofing types and can advise on how best to maintain your roof type.

Our results and customer feedback speaks for themselves when it comes to roof maintenance and we guarantee that you’ll love what we can do for you.

The four roof types below are not the only ones we maintain, but they make up the most types in New Zealand.

To prevent unnecessary costs, we recommend cleaning your roof regularly and also ensuring that your gutters are well maintained and cleaned at least once a year.

We offer a 5 year workmanship and 10 year material warranty.

  • Concrete Tile Roofs
    Concrete Tile Roofs

    Concrete tile roofs will deteriorate over time, with the top layer paint slowly disintegrating and exposing the concrete. At the same time the expansion and contraction of the roof will affect the roof pointing and cracks will appear.

    HomeSmart uses flexible roof pointing products to re-point the roof. After that a high build filler is applied, designed for poruous concrete or asbestos roofs. Finally multiple durable final color coats will be applied.

    These coats and protect all roof substrates from the extreme heat and storms of a northern summer to the freezing cold of a southern winter.

  • Corrugated Iron Roof
    Corrugated Iron Roof

    The biggest enemy of corrugated iron or metal roofs is rust. Over time, with UV, temperature extremes, moss and mould, the top surface of a metal roof start  to deteriorate and as moisture enters, rust will form.

    Once rust forms, metal roofs will deteriorate quickly and may have to be replaced if no maintenance is done.

    HomeSmart Roofing uses a durable RustShield to produce a long-lasting protection of metal roofs before coating with multiple durable final color coats.

    These coats and protect all roof substrates from the extreme heat and storms of summer to the freezing cold.

  • Decramastic Roof
    Decramastic Roof

    Decramastic roofs are prone to deterioration from moss, mould and lichen. Over time that loosens the top layer and the metal layer can break. Another common problem with decramastic roofs are dents and tears that let in water.

    HomeSmart Roofing’s first step is to repair any damaged areas by either replacing broken tiles or cleaning the roof of moss, mould and other dirt.  We use our tried and tested roof cleaning treatments.

    Coating is achieved with a special primer and multiple top coats as with other roofs.

  • Membrane Roofs
    Membrane Roofs

    Membrane or Flat Roofs deteriorate over time due to buildup of dirt, moss and mould which, over time damages the protective layers and ultimately the membrane.

    Because leaks can be hidden, water damage can occur without being obvious. Membrane roofs need to be inspected and maintained regularly and should be cleaned frequently, best by using one of our tried and tested roof cleaning treatments.

    Damage can be repaired by repairing the membrane and then coating with is achieved with a special primer and multiple top coats as with other roofs.

    Start with your roof - Because it protects what's underneath.

    Roof Repair and Replacement
    Roof Painting and Maintenance

    Start your maintenance journey from the top down by giving proper attention to your roof. Neglecting the roof can result in damage to not only the roof itself but also the insulation and ceiling.

    Contact our team of experts for a comprehensive inspection and repair service to prevent damage to your home.

    We work with residential and commercial roofing.

    We offer a 5 Year Workmanship and a 10 Year Product Warranty also backed by our paint manufacturer.

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