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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

HomeSmart’s Health and safety commitment is to –
A. Comply with all relevant standards, regulations legislation and codes of practice
B. For management take all practicable steps to protect and promote the health and safety of all
employees, contractors and members of the public who may be affected by the company’s
C. Ensure health and safety is the designated responsibility of senior management
D. Regularly review management and staff input and commitment to safety
E. For management to maintain appropriate ongoing statistics reporting and recording to accurately
measure sectional and company-wide health and safety compliance
F. For all personnel of HomeSmart to have an individual responsibility to ensure that no
action or inaction does harm to themselves or to any other person
G. Maintain staff input support and representation in health and safety
H. Display appropriate safety information in work areas
I. Review this policy annually to meet changing needs and set new objectives
J. Ensuring all management personnel are competent in Health and Safety management
K. Ensure employees are adequately trained and supervised
L. Establish and maintain an effective hazard management system
M. Ensure that work accidents are accurately reported and investigated
N. Facilitate the rehabilitation of injured employees
O. Maintain continuous improvement in Health and Safety



Homesmart’s – Annual Health and Safety goals:

1. No time lost to Workplace Accidents
2. Continue to hold ACC Health and Safety accreditation