Roof and Gutter Cleaning | Why you should clean regularly
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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Over time, mould, mildew, lichen, and dirt will collect on your roof and that will lead to slow damage occurring. Frequently, that damage is hidden by the growth that causes it in the first place. The first step in maintaining your roof is to ensure that it is regularly cleaned, especially if you see signs of growth on it.
Gutters collect leaf-litter and other debris. That can block the flow of water and is a breeding ground for rodents and insects. Not keeping the gutters clean can quickly result in unexpected costs.

Does cleaning your roof prevent roof painting or roof replacement

In many cases, what’s underneath all that “gunk” is still in good conditions and your roof may actually be OK. At some stage every roof will need more attention than just a good clean, but regular cleaning will extend the life of the roof.
Most roof cleaning companies will do a roof inspection as part of the cleaning process. The results of that will determine whether areas of your roof that need attention can be repaired or whether the roof has to be replaced.

Roof Reflectivity

One often forgotten benefit of keeping your roof clean is to maintain its reflectivity, i.e. the amount of sunlight it reflects. This is probably more relevant to light coloured roofs like membrane roofs, but some of this applies to all reflective roofs even if they are dark in colour. Generally, with dirt and dust settling on the roof, it’s surface absorbs more sunlight and therefore becomes hotter. That hotter surface will break down the paint surface faster than a cooler surface. On membrane this may require expensive re-roofing. Keeping your roof reflective will keep your home cooler in summer.

Cleaning Gutters

An integral part of the roof are the gutters and down-pipes. It is obvious that these should be kept clean and clear of blockages. Blocked gutters, spouting and downpipescan cause water to flow into the ceiling space causing serious damage to the roof structure, and can even cause damage to foundations, floorboards and walls if water seeps to areas that would usually are protected by the roof overhang and gutters that are designed to keep water away from these areas.

How we clean Roofs and Gutters

We do not use the same cleaning and treatment process for each roof and will discuss the details with our clients beforehand. Generally it will involve all or some of these steps:

  • A soft clean to get rid of initial grime
  • A thorough inspection to check for areas that require repair
  • A pressure wash if appropriate
  • Depending on arrangement, a treatment that prevents the growth of moss, mould and lichen.
  • An inspection and clean of gutters and downpipes.

Every cleaning treatment should include a thorough inspection and advice on what is required to prolong the life of your roof.
Our advice is to get your roof and gutters cleaned frequently, even every year. That will prolong the life of your roof and is likely to save money in the long run.

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