Should you repaint or replace your roof? | How to decide.
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Roof Painting vs. Roof Replacement

Every long-term homeowner must make this decision at some point. When the roof starts looking shabby or there are some other issues, like leaks in the roof or just moss or mold growing on the roof, or broke gutters: Do you paint or replace the roof?

Even if you’re the person that does things around the house yourself and even if you’re a hardened DIY person, where roofing is concerned, you’re probably better off leaving things to the professionals.

Roof Painting

Unless there is underlying damage to the roof, painting, if done well, is an excellent option to extend the life of your roof and to deal with any issues that may exist. Provided that any areas of potential leaks, rust prevention, repairs and thorough cleaning are dealt with professionally, roof painting will extend the life, possibly sufficiently to last your stay in the property. Often there is as much effort and know-how required in the pre-painting preparation process as there is in the application of the paint. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process that should not be taken lightly.

Who should quote on the roof painting

It’s best to get a quote from a provider that has expertise in both painting and re-roofing. If the roof is damaged beyond the repair and repaint stage, then a repaint may look great for a few months or even years, but it will do little to protect the roof and home in the long term. We come across roofs that should have been replaced, where the owner was convinced that a repaint would be sufficient. You want to be sure that the cost of repainting is worthwhile, rather than a temporary stopgap.


Guarantees on the roofing paint

Every roof painter should give a guarantee on both the workmanship as well as the roofing paint that is being used. While longevity of the roof paint may depend on the condition of the roof, a guarantee should nevertheless be offered.


Benefits of painting your roof

    • Extends the life of the roof and save money on repairs.
    • Street appeal and possibly a higher sale price or faster sale of the property. The quality of the roof is definitely an area that potential purchasers will look at.
    • Prevents damaging growth of lichen, algae and moss.
    • The right roof paint can aid in reflecting heat and keep the house cooler.
    • Keeps the underlying roof structure in good condition by preventing leaks into the roof space.

When should you consider replacing your roof?

When the roof is in a condition where repairs and maintenance are no longer cost effective, the roof needs to be replaced. How do you decide that? Our recommendation is to get a trusted professional inspect your roof and to advise. A good roofing company will point our areas of concern along with options and cost of remedy. Based on the repair cost of the entire roof and the estimated life of the repairs vs. the cost of roof replacement, you can make a considered decision on roof painting vs. roof replacement.

The benefits of replacing the roof

      • Depending on the roof structure you can choose the roof type. e.g.  it may be possible to replace decramastic roof tile with a long-run iron roof.
      • The roof will last a long time
      • Deal with all issues at once, e.g. rust, leaks, flaking paint, cleaning, colour.
      • A roof replacement will improve the value of your home, potentially to a significant amount.
      • You can install more energy efficiency e.g. insulation or roof type.


There are some points that need to be considered. In the short term, re-roofing is more costly than painting your roof however, in the long term it may actually be significantly cheaper. There are factors that influence your decision, like how long you plan to own the property, the impact on the occupants.


Which roofing company should you work with?

To decide, It’s worthwhile to get a number of quotes, and definitely get some references. Reputable roofing companies will share those willingly and you can get an idea of the company’s professionalism, not only on the final result, but also on other important factors like punctuality, cleanliness, communication and flexibility to accommodate your needs. All of these are important.

Remember that the roof is one of the most important parts of your home and you want to work with a team that has your best interests at heart. Any improper repairs or incompetence can leave you with costly remediation bills. Consider other factors like professionalism when it comes to safety of the staff working on the roof.

So should you repaint your roof or replace your roof?

The answer is best given by a professional company and someone who spends time to thoroughly inspect your roof and takes the time to give you detailed feed back and sensible options. Whether you decide to paint or to replace your roof, get more than one opinion, some quotes and get references. Ask about the products that your roofing company uses and ensure that the quality of the products is a good as the quality of the company doing the work.