What our clients thing about our Roofing Services. - Part 7
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“After spending thousands on unsuccessful repairs and living with a hole in our ceiling, we had almost given up. One tradesperson recommended we have our home re-roofed at a tremendous cost. Homesmart identified the problem immediately and successfully stopped the leak at a fraction of the expected cost.”



“Two words spring to mind when I think of Homesmart, Integrity and Quality. After several years of deferred maintenance (who wants to spend money on maintenance when you can spend money on travel?) I began to get concerned about all the talk of leaky buildings. Homesmart were able to give me honest and reassuring advice about how to fix areas before they became major problems. The quality of work was excellent, they turned up when the said they would and took every care and effort in the work. They did a great job repairing any cracks and matched the old plaster perfectly. Gared really knows how to maintain and fix these types of houses and I cannot recommend Homesmart highly enough. Feel free to get my number for a verbal reference, because the way I see it, if someone has a monolithic home, the would be mad not to use Homesmart.”



“Radius Residential Care is an operator of rest homes, hospitals and retirement villages in NZ. Since 2008 we have been using Homesmart Maintenance to maintain the exteriors of our buildings. This has proven to be very successful. Homesmart has a unique focus on preventative maintenance and leak prevention. We have found that everything they do is geared towards keeping the weather out and prolonging the life of the building. In our view other companies tend to focus on the aesthetics with little regard for the best materials and systems to use. Homesmart have prepared 8-year maintenance programs for our retirement villages across New Zealand and completed or overseen all the work to date. Feedback has been very complementary with comments such as professional, knowledgeable, courteous and diligent coming back to us. I believe that because Homesmart has such a lot of experience in the leaky homes environment they bring a fresh and practical approach to maintenance. One we have not been able to find with any other company. In short these guys know what they are doing and it makes a refreshing change. If I was you I would look no further.”

-Brien Cree

Radius Residential Care Ltd, CEO